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Model Energy Efficient Projects

A Massachusetts School Investment in “Green Energy” Pays Off

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Model Renewable Energy Projects

Read how Fort Collins Colorado created a new high school that was 60% more energy efficient

Read how Shaker High School in New York is capturing solar energy

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Contact Us

Dr. Appu Kuttan (Chairman) or Dr. Laurence Peters (VP)

National Education Foundation CyberLearning (www.cyberlearning.org)

Phone: (703) 823-9999

E-mail: akuttan@cyberlearning.org

Dr. Appu Kuttan with Former President Bill Clinton

"You are helping to empower tomorrow's leaders. I salute you for your ongoing commitment for creating a better and stronger America." -- Former President Bill Clinton

DR. APPU KUTTAN the 2006 Global Digital Literacy Champion Award Winner, noted educator, author and philanthropist, is the chairman of the non-profit National Education Foundation CyberLearning (www.cyberlearning.org), the national non-profit leader in bridging the digital and academic divides. He is the creator of many concepts, such as "CyberLearning," "Management By Systems," "Total Tennis," and "Holistic Executive," has advised many world leaders, including Rajiv Gandhi (on making India an IT superpower), and has helped develop many young celebrities, such as tennis champions Andre Agassi and Monica Seles and U.S. Presidential honoree Roger Kuttan. Dr. Kuttan is the national expert in structuring customized 10% QZAB matching contribution programs that benefit the school districts the most.

DR. LAURENCE PETERS, U.S. Education Department’s first QZAB director, is the recognized national expert on QZAB.

As a senior official at the U.S. Department of Education, Dr. Peters was a principal participant in the preparation of the QZAB legislation and its implementation. Dr. Peters, the founding director of MARTEC at Temple University, is also a national expert on education technology, and the co-author with Dr. Kuttan of the acclaimed book, “From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity.” He is an advisor to President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team on education.